Volunteer Applications:

Each individual desiring to become a volunteer with SSAA must submit a completed Volunteer Application, Background Check Authorization form, and Fingerprint Authorization form.  In addition, if applying for a head coaching position, the prospective candidate shall also submit a completed resume for the respective position.  Forms can be found on the Volunteer Registration page.

Background Checks:

In order to better protect children that participate in our programs, SSAA has implemented a mandatory background check policy for all staff and (adult) volunteers.  The information collected by the online registration system and Volunteer Application, along with the actual background check itself, will be handled confidentially by an outside vendor that specializes in background checks.  Results are reported to the Board’s Executive Committee for confidential review.  When required, the Executive Committee Chair will contact a volunteer that has “failed” the screening and suspend him/her from coaching.  Volunteers that “fail” the screening are notified of the appeal process.

Child Protection:

SSAA has implemented a “layered” protection policy with respect to our young athletes.  In addition to the mandatory background and fingerprint checks for all volunteers, each volunteer is also required to attend mandatory Child Sexual Abuse awareness training.  It is also the policy of SSAA to follow a “two-person” rule with children, meaning that no child shall be out of visual line of sight of at least two volunteers at all times.

Carpool Requests:

SSAA will attempt to honor mutually submitted carpool requests made during the registration process for all sports. Requests filled after the registration process will not be processed. SSAA strives to make the skill levels of all teams as equal as possible and in certain circumstances we will have to deny carpool requests to maintain this balance.

Grievance Policy:

If you have a dispute against another individual or have witnessed inappropriate behavior at an SSAA game or event, please complete this form and return to president@sandyspringfalcons.org.