Please read the agreement below, then either digitally sign below and send the form – or download the PDF version  for mail or hand delivery.

As a participant of the Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association, I pledge to:

1. Make every effort to learn the rules of the game so that I may be a better player, coach and fan.
2. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating only positive support for ALL players, coaches and officials at every event.
3. Support a drug-free and alcohol –free environment for all players, fans, and coaches.
4. Make only positive comments to ALL players, coaches, and officials.
5. All coaches should have the necessary papers and equipment prior to every game.
I also pledge NEVER TO:
1. Use profanity at a youth event.
2. Criticize the coaches, players or officials.
3. Touch a player, coach, of official in a threatening manner.

The MYLA is ABOUT and FOR the players. All participants including players, coaches, and parents must sign this paper and agree to the above terms. Failure to abide by these terms may result in ejection from a game and future games as dictated by the board.

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