The Sandy Spring Falcons have a lineage of successful lacrosse teams.  This success is directly attributable to the quality of the coaches who have volunteered their knowledge, experience, and time to our young athletes.  We are always looking for volunteers to become coaches.  If you are interested, please complete the forms on the Volunteer Registration page and send to

The below table lists the coaches for the upcoming season.

Team Coach
 Instructional (U-7) Co-Ed  TBD
 U-7 Boys Pads- SMYLA  TBD
 Tyker (U-9 B) Boys – MYLA  TBD
 5th/6th Grade Girls  TBD
 Lightning (U-11 B) Boys  TBD
 Lightning (U-11 C) Girls  TBD
 Midget (U-13 B) Boys  TBD
 Midget (U-13 B) Boys  TBD
 Junior (U-15 B) Boys  TBD
 Junior (U-15 C) Boys  TBD