Boys and girls age 5-6 (born on or after September 1st) will be placed on co-ed Instructional teams. Instructional players need a lacrosse stick and a mouth-guard. Instructional practices will get started in mid-March with games in April/May. Teams have 12+/- players per team.

Practices will be held twice weekly until games begin in April.  Once games begin, practices will be held once per week, with one game being played per week.

EQUIPMENT:  Required equipment consists of a regulation men’s or woman’s stick and a mouth guard with strap.  Fiddle Stix are not recommended as they tend to break fairly easily.  An athletic cup is recommended for boys.

GAMES:  All Instructional games will be on a local/Olney field.

VOLUNTEERS:  If you played, coached lax, or just enjoy the game we really need you to step forward to help us teach the children a great team sport and to have some FUN!