Players between in the ages of 12-14 are eligible to participate in the Tackle Division. We will be offering Flag Football for 6-11 year olds for the 2020 season. The age determination for each division is in the table below:

RED STRIPE RULE:  The Red Stripe concept allows heavier players to play football with children their own age, but in a restricted role. Red Stripe Players are limited to playing on the offensive and defensive lines between the tackles. They may not advance the football.

The following is the weight chart for all age groups:

**For your reference the Average Weights of Teams from previous season**

Group Age (as of 8/1) / Avg Weight 2018 Max Unrestricted Weight Red Stripe Players
 Ankle Biter  5-7 yrs old  N/A  Over 75 lbs
 Pony Navy  8-9 yrs old / 79.3 lbs  105 lbs  max 125 lbs
 Pony Army  8-9 yrs old / 79.3 lbs  105 lbs  max 125 lbs
 Pee Wee Navy  10-11 yrs old / 97.3 lbs  130 lbs  max 160 lbs
 Pee Wee Army  10-11 yrs old / 93.5 lbs  130 lbs  max 160 lbs
 Intermediate Navy  12-13 yrs old/ 121.5 lbs  160 lbs  max 200 lbs
 Intermediate Army  12-13 yrs old / 113.4 lbs  150 lbs  max 200 lbs


ID: An MVA or RFL-issued picture identification card is required for proof of age. A dependent identification card issues by one of the military services is also acceptable. All IDs must be available at each game for weigh-ins.

EQUIPMENT: Players will be issued a helmet, shoulder pads, integrated game pants, practice pants, and practice jersey to use during the season. Each player will receive a game jersey which they will be able to keep. Additional required equipment includes a colored mouth guard with strap, an athletic supporter with cup, and cleats. Other items to consider are gloves, cold-weather undershirts for when the weather turns cool, padded sleeveless shirts, and integrated football girdle.

SEASON: The first practices are usually held in the last week in July. Games typically begin the last weekend of August and run through October.

TRAINING & GRADING: The first two practices will be conducted in shorts/t-shirts and running shoes. Coaches following the USA Football recommendations will then acclimate to the normal intensity of a practice routine while minimizing the risk of heat related injuries. SSAA intends to field teams for the RFL Navy and Army Divisions in each age group. If there are a sufficient number of players in a given age group to form more than one team, Sandy Spring coaches will grade and place players on teams based on skill. Our goal first an foremost is to place players on teams where they will have the best experience, learn the most and have optimal playing time.

Detailed information will be communicated via email as the practice date nears. Please be sure to include your correct email address on your registration form and to check your email regularly throughout the week.

TEAM STRUCTURE: The RFL requires that any team have a minimum of 16 players and a maximum of 28 players.

PRACTICES: Practices are usually scheduled for four to five times per week during the summer months for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours and two to three times per week once the school year begins at a local field.

GAMES: Games will be scheduled on a weekly basis during the season (usually on Saturdays) to provide the players an opportunity to use what has been taught n practice.

LEAGUE PLAYOFFS: The RFL usually begins playoffs in late October/early November. Typically the top four teams for a given division will make the playoffs. The playoff format is single elimination. A Superbowl is held for each age & skill division in November.