Sandy Spring Athletic Association is governed by a Board of Directors.  There are seven voting members and two advisors which make up the Board.  SSAA also has several director and committee positions to assist the Board in executing the daily operations of the Association.  Those positions and the current office holders are identified below.  If you are interested in applying for one of the vacant positions, please complete a Volunteer Application.


President – Marc Yamada

Vice President – Brian Shuster

Secretary – Greg Gisriel

Treasurer – Terrance Leary, CPA

Voting Members-at-Large
Ben Corb (Softball) –

John Fitzgerald (Baseball) –

Gary Duvall (Basketball) –



Advisors to the Board

Fundraising Committee 

Director of Lacrosse Operations

Director of Baseball Operations
John Fitzgerald

Director of Softball Operations
Ben Corb

Director of Basketball Operations
Gary Duvall