The Sandy Spring Falcons have a lineage of successful sports teams. This success is directly attributable to the quality of the coaches who have volunteered their knowledge, experience, and time to our young athletes. We are currently accepting applications for coaching positions within all three sports. If you are interested, please complete the forms on our Volunteer Forms page and send it to respective program director/commissioner for additional information on volunteer opportunities.

Football specific: there are many volunteer opportunities at Sandy Spring Football. Each team is required to provide three adults to assist with the down markers at home games and two adult “spotter” for all games. A spotter records the number of plays for each player to ensure that minimum play requirements are met. At home games we require volunteers to help sell concessions. Teams also have a need for a Team Admin to perform some of the administrative duties. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete a Volunteer Application.

Each sports has different requirements regarding certification mandated by SSAA as well the respective leagues that coach is coaching in. SSAA requires that all coaching and team administration candidates selected are required to complete Child Protection Training, and complete a Background Check. Football requires additional training through USA Football and NFHS Learning Center Concussion in Sports Course prior to any contact with our young athletes. Baseball requires additional training through the Babe Ruth Cal Ripken Foundation as well as the NFHS Learning Center Concussion in Sports. Please contact the Lacrosse commissioner for further details on its league specific requirements.